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First week of volleyball practice, well 4 days haha but anyway, made the team…no surprise really (I’m not cooky tbh) and my tummy doesn’t want to digest large portions of food alright…

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Okay so I hate public transportation, I was going to put my money in and there was a paper in the slot so I’m thinking someone messed up and left it there buuut as soon as I touch it the driver goes “Don’t you move my paper”.
See her tone is what pissed me off, she didn’t have to be a bitch about it, mannnn fehck her and her couch.
She literally sounded like she was sick of telling me not to do it but I only attempted once…
I don’t even care if students are free, the bitch couldn’t tell me?
Why are you working for the public if you can’t at least fake being friendly?
Other drivers have been friendly…well I’m not a regular on any kind of public transportation but the other drivers were all pretty friendly so I can’t speak badly about her occupation.
Oh well I guess…you can’t let people like this get you down…

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Please RIP Robin Williams

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A month’s worth of shedding, I feel so free having my twists out 😋😌😗

Went to UMBC today (not my first time there) but I’m starting to realize that it may be better to go to a cheaper and closer school first cuz I’ll still go to graduate and school and I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to pay over 30k for my first four years then pay even more for medical school…

Why not go to a cheap yet decent school with good professors and then go to a top notch graduate school?

Wish someone had told me this earlier.

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Just need a man that’ll help me wash my hair on wash day tbh

Section, detangle, pre poo, etc….that’s marriage material right there….

I hate washing my hair in the shower because I can not be in a shower without having the water running…bad for the bills and environment heh

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Make sure he is not a catfish

says Anonymous

Ahh yes ~

I’ve thought about it but I’ve never been catfished before lol

I just don’t fall for it :)

I’ve never asked him to video chat more for my sake hmph I’m not very flattering on camera but time will tell, time will tell ~

Catfishers aren’t extremely common on the app though xp

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Even the Africans at the braiding shops could never snatch my edges as hard as Bey And Nicki did. I’m ready to write a full page report on this remix, I don’t think half of yall understand the vitality that this song gives me.

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Random lengthy reflection

So I downloaded this random app with the intentions of talking to strangers around the world especially since my parents never let me out of the house, what is a girl to do amiright? but with this app it’s only your voice, picture, gender, country, and user name so you can’t really get tracked easily.
Okay so anyway I download this and wait, I never send messages, I wait for them to come to me cuz I’m a betch.
And I often get responses from different people guys, gals, Americans, non-Americans, you get the jazz.
Normally conversations only last for like 2 weeks or a few days (mayhe due to the glitchiness of the app idk) so conversations don’t last long haha
Just a somewhat fun way to kill time.
I still have it and get notifications but I don’t really spend a lot of time on it, that’s why this is weird to me.
So one day I get this message from a guy and the first thing that I notice is his accent, even though he’s listed under U.S.A, I could tell that he wasn’t a native.
We chat and I find out that he’s Japanese (eventually he tells me that he’s also Korean even though he originally said that he wasn’t mixed, his last name sounds thai to me). We chat chat chat and since he’s in the US I eventually give him my number so we can keep talking (because he kindly asked). He kinda grew on me I won’t lie but he was obviously infatuated with me first and since I’m a playful person I often went with his advances but I couldn’t accept them since we’d never met obviously.
I was reluctant at first because as a child I always thought that I’d end up dating some guy once I got to college like a computer geek or engineer, but this guy didn’t even go to college!(there’s only a 3 year age gap, chill)
I’ve never looked down on people that meet and date online but it was never really something that I could see myself doing, making friends sure, but dating? For me that was never really something I wanted.
buuuut this guy drew me in more and more, even though he didn’t go to college, he didn’t go to high school in this country so…
He’s a sushi chef in Atlanta (I never knew that chefs could be so young).
Anyway I told him that I only wanted a boyfriend that I was sure that I could probably spend the rest of my life with and he told me that the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is the first step towards marriage. WHAT?
Of course I want to get married but I’ve never met a guy so eager haha plus he’s never talked to me about sex or in a sexual way, he’s genuine but he’s too deg on busy…I need someone who can sacrifice time even just to talk to me for 10 minutes…
Since he’s close to Atlanta (would be nice to be my cousin right now), meeting isn’t too much of an issue if he’s willing to drive 5-6 hours but I wouldn’t want him staying at some hotel/motel so I think it’d be better to wait until I got a roommate or moved to college.
If you told me that I’d meet someone like this maybe 2 years ago, I wouldn’t believe you or even 1 year ago…
I haven’t really told anyone besides one of my friends but I just wish that we could had met another way haha
maybe at a walmart? I’ve seen attractive guys there before, it’s not impossible but hey, who knows…he’s also religious like me ughghgh 6ft and trilingual x.x
If only, If only…thankfully I’m not desperate for love or I’d be acceptibg anyone willy nilly, gotta make em work, ya feel ~
I don’t know just felt like spilling out mah thoughts…I really don’t know heh maybe he’ll fall for someone else and I’ll meet someone else, who knows…who knows…

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Those days when you go out feeling content with your appearance but notice something about yourself that you don’t really like so you feel like crawling back under the rock you came from.
I’m having a moment like that right now…sucksssss
How I feel about my eyebrows right now 😤😧😣
Can’t be out browsing the rare fine pieces looking like I don’t know what tweezers are ughghghgh

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When that certain person sends you a text first


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This year I’ve truly worn some lovely natural hairstyles and the mirror will say “yaaassss you treating yo self” but the phone will say “lol who are you? Not today boo” so I couldn’t make a set of images showing my style progression through the year :(

I seriously need to start driving, get a job, and buy camera ughghghgh

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Saw a comment on some article a while ago and I began to ponder…Ever notice how most of the people in the black community that still bother with that “light skin is better than dark skin” mentality and take it up to the Internet to express their views, (even though we are in 2014, come on you guys really need to grow up (just call yourself black, that’s what you are to everyone anyway)) especially the guys, are either:

a.) Unattractive/not appealing to the girls/guys they’re putting down anyway

b.) Living their life in the struggle with no effort to better themselves

c.) Not as educated as they could be/don’t try to get educated

d.) Usually all the above

Growing up, I’ve actually came across people like this (mostly ignorant teens).

I mean all through middle school I began to notice how lighter skinned females would be portrayed in the media (don’t even get me started on “hip hop” music videos) and I wondered why some of them weren’t as dark as me or even my Indian friend who was a medium brown complexion. 

I don’t even remember my main reason for bringing this up…

Just to voice my annoyance/semi-shock that there are still people doing that dark skin-light skin debate now with memes to play around -___-

and the fact that they’re in my age group means that the lesson of self love isn’t being taught to everyone…wonder how the next generation will turn out…

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African parents the type to be mad at you for a few days but still expect you to happily greet them in the morning like they haven’t done you wrong, lord have mercy on my lack of patience. Coming at me with the “Ah-ah you cannot greet?”early in the morning after you chose to ignore me for the past 24 hours, lucky I’m not a certain type of American or you’d know the business (and I would be resting in peace).

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Been natural my whole life but my hair has never passed my armpits at most…

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Adventure Time - BMO