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Since we honestly can’t always control how or even when we die, especially in today’s time. My advice? Is to never hold a grudge, don’t be in a constant state of bitterness, love more than you hurt, so if you unexpectedly have to face the end, you’ll know that your heart will be on a lighter note.

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I’ve really been thinking these days and my views have once again changed, or let’s say I’ve been enlightened. 

I’ve begun(began?) to think about “nudes” and their exposure to the general public, and how 90% of the time, if it’s a female, she’ll be ridiculed to some degree and called a “whore”, “slut”, or even “easy” by irrelevants. 

Now I wonder…why is she a whore or slut if she isn’t even having sex? She could be a virgin for all you know and you’re accusing her of having multiple sexual partners? Okay…

Secondly why is it taboo for someone to reveal themselves on social media?(and by taboo I mean, why will they receive negative reactions?)

Everyone has seen their selves naked and everyone had most likely taken health class so they should have an idea about the opposite sex’s naked body, but why is it okay to insult someone who’s body may be accidentally revealed to the public?

I realize that it’s normally children on the Internet that poke fun and call names but I don’t think those exposed people should be looked down upon.

The human body is simply beautiful externally and internally(the processes it goes through to keep you alive) in it’s various forms and sizes.

Oh wow this person has breasts…hold on areolas, and oh wait-nipples too?!! How can that be!!!!! 

Some cultures like those of Africa walk around bare chested all their lives and they aren’t seen as lesser beings among their selves.

Same goes for “pussy” and butt? pictures…I honestly don’t get bum but whatever…

I think it’s stupid to call someone names just because of a nude you may had seen of them. Especially girls who call other girls whores,sluts, or other things.

If the girl hasn’t been of any harm to you in any way, shape, and or form, you shouldn’t be badmouthing her you basic bum.

Girls that see other girls’s nudes unexpectedly should either restrain from commenting or condemn hurtful comments that may be directed at the girl by others.

After all girls supporting girls is one of the greatest things that could ever happen in this day and age!

I don’t know what to say about bad mouthing guys…just shut up, the guys that expose girls already are assholes, the world doesn’t need any more of your kind.

If you want to take that topless photo ‘cuz you feel like your body is all that, then take that photo gurrrrl! You have the right to feel good about yourself and no one has the right to take that away from you!

I mean guys do it all the time right?

(This calm thinking doesn’t apply to exposed girls that had been previously bad mouthing others and talking shid, just don’t pay their image any mind, they only want attention after all)

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*Azontos down my wedding aisle*

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Upset another guy comrade by telling him not to think about me so much….I really feel bad…maybe I should had said something else x(
All he said was , “Nevermind”

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lesson of the day before I go to sleep,
If you really want someone to respond to you, ask them, “Why are you mad at me?”
but it only works if you’ve done nothing wrong and they’ve been busy/ignoring you by their own choice lol
So he wasn’t responding because he was busy with his business stuff, starting a business on your own at a young age can be really challenging so I applaud his efforts.

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Guess Germany’s team was pretty good this year…good for them ~

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*gasp* He just read the message that I sent him like three days ago but he’s still not replying 😒
Last time he ignored me for 4 days but I still responded and he had a good reason, a couple weeks is too damn unacceptable 😤😤
He better be actively fighting the social justice system or high unjust authority figures cuz I don’t have time for this 😧

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I can’t understand how a woman can go through 8 or 9 months of pregnancy pains and struggles to give birth to a child that’ll eventually disrespect them. I mean I used to be against physical punishment but seeing how kids are acting nowadays imma let them know who their maker is. Try to swing on me once and you’ll be searching for a new home in a minute shiiiid I’m not gonna get stretch marks, saggy boobs, and hella weight gain for this kind of disrespect.

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Feeling some type of way

Feeling some type of way

I’m planning it, on the first day of school I will slay like I just listened to Beyoncé’s full album extended edition and then I’ll just bum the rest of the year

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Maybe if Neymar was still here things would be different….

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Ignore my tacky bedsheets, I don’t always shop at Ross but when I do, I think that I make some amazingly cute finds!
Floral patterns are slowly taking over my life! (imma let it happen though lol)

Ignore my tacky bedsheets, I don’t always shop at Ross but when I do, I think that I make some amazingly cute finds!
Floral patterns are slowly taking over my life! (imma let it happen though lol)

I never really have motivation to work out but I’m actually considering working out in the morning now ~ I am motivated for 5am work outs for once yesssss!

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This guy is offended that I didn’t want to see his waaaang lol at least he respected my wishes to not send me a picture.

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Adventure Time - BMO